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Proven, Step-by-Step System to Rank Any Video on YouTube and Make Massive Amounts of Money!

Even If you have never made a video or earned a single dollar online in your life…

Did you ever think about starting an online business?

You’ve thought about this before, haven’t you?

We’ve all been there, sitting at our desk, watching videos, and reading articles on how to earn money from our home.

It all seems easy and practically effortless but just when you’re about to start working on it, you’re suddenly paralyzed and don’t know where to start. Then the questions start piling up:

– What is the best and easiest method?

– How to make a product or find a good deal?

– Where do I advertise and how do I approach it?

– How much money do I need?

You’re discouraged and confused after all of these questions have weighted down on you and trust me, I know how tough all of this can be.

How do I know?

Let me tell you my story…

CEO of Tubesecrets Agency

Hi! My name is Dejan MilanoviĆ…

The year is 2013 and I’m driving a truck full of construction materials.

It’s a dirty job and it shows as I’m constantly soiled, my wage is miserable and I still live with my father.

It wasn’t a life, it was survival.

All of this weighed down on me heavily and had an impact on my self-esteem, my psyche…


One day, as I was getting ready for my daily job, I made a promise to myself.

I promised that I would make enough money which will allow me to finally live my life the way I wanted.

I promised myself that I would find a job that can make this possible, or that I would make one!

Three weeks after the promise, I ran into a friend which I haven’t seen in a long time. We talk and he mentions how he’s working from home on YouTube and earning a CEO salary.

Was it a coincidence, the two of us meeting that way? I don’t know that, but…

Working from home?

Making a CEO salary?

That was it! At that moment I knew what my next job will be.


It all sounded nice and promising…


Make a video, find the right keywords, upload it to the channel, and… Boom! Make it rain 24/7 while I’m drinking a cocktail somewhere in Thailand.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it happened.

Because, how can I make a video if I can’t even speak proper English?

How am I to research the moneymaking keywords if I barely understand what the very concept of keywords?

I was facing these huge issues as I was a total beginner in the world of internet marketing.


I figured that I would just start…


I registered on countless forums, joined numerous relevant Facebook groups, and started learning, piece by piece, the trade that I was set to master.

From time to time, I earned a couple of dollars which was somewhat motivating but, far from a desirable income that would pay my bills.

Eventually, I quit my daily job and committed myself to online work, day in and day out! Still, the results were discouraging.

Something was amiss…

I had a money-making method. I knew how to make a good video but they would only get around 20-30 views over a couple of weeks. Unacceptable!

And then it happened. My “EUREKA!” moment!

The key to everything is traffic!

I can have the best video in the world and it would mean nothing if no one is going to see it! No wonder I’m barely making any money!

And then, I asked myself…


How can I make my video seen by thousands of people?


Routine posting and hoping for better results can only get you so far. I had to take matters into my own hands.

The only way to know for certain why someone is at the #1 spot of the search result page was through rigorous testing.

Testing. Testing. Testing…

I tested hundreds of videos and spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours, days, and weeks before I was able to even spot certain patterns in the ranking algorithm.

I had to find the answers and I had to do it fast because, at this pace, I was at risk of having to get back to my old job.

The very thought of it made me feel sick.

And then, something magical happened…


From all those tests a couple of videos made it into the top 5. I was immeasurably happy! Still, I had to go all over again and repeat the process with a couple of new videos so that I would be sure that I got it.

As I’ve suspected, it happened again. Using the same methods, all 10 uploaded videos made it to the top 5 on YouTube!

Things were looking good and I’ve finally felt the pleasure as I was admiring the fruits of my labor.

I was proud of myself and my own accomplishment.

I was finally about to break the chain and set myself free!

Now I know why my videos were among the top-rated. It was time to scale it and so I did it.

Nowadays, my results look like this…


These screenshots are not me bragging about my accomplishments, no.

These are a testimony of what you will be able to achieve once you’ve mastered the secrets of YouTube.

Many videos end up on the first page of Google results, despite the channels being new and weak.

7 years later…


After so many years of working on the YouTube platform, sometimes for myself and sometimes for various clients of mine, the got to know me as a “YT guy”.

This came with a pile of all sorts of different people who saw and were interested to know how I did so that they can try and do the same.

It never bore me to help others and give good advice where I could – free of charge, of course.

I have to admit it but, the role of an “advisor” felt good and I enjoyed it and the attention that I was getting.

And so, in the middle of a COVID-19 quarantine, I got the idea to put this course together…


Introducing Tubesecrets course!

The only course on building a successful, stable and influential YouTube channel that you will ever need!

Tubesecrets is a shortcut, a summary of the most important things that you need to get your channel up and running and quickly reach your targeted audience, without wasting any more of your time on research and different method testing.

It is a collection of everything that I’ve learned ever since I started affiliate marketing and, to be honest, I was having second thoughts for a long time whether I should even publish this at all. Even now, I am still unsure if my decision was the right so please understand if I choose to take it down at some point.

Who is this course for?

  For upcoming affiliates and those looking to improve on their existing skills.

  For those of you that want to start a serious, reliable, online business.

  For those of you that are exploring additional, alternative and better affiliate marketing approaches.

  For those of your that have been working tirelessly for the past months but didn’t manage to get the desired results – this is the missing piece.

What not to expect from Tubesecrets course?

  This is not to be confused with a “get rich fast” scheme!

  Affiliate marketing is not a joke. It is a huge, serious market that requires a lot commitment, dedication and effort in order succeed. All of knowledge presented in Tubesecrets course won’t help your if you’re not willing to apply yourself!

  If you’re looking for a loophole to make you rich overnight, I’m afraid that I can’t help you…

With this course you will be able to:

  Manage your clients’ channel(s), come up with ideas for new content as well as optimize the existing.

  Develop a YouTube channel for your brand as a leading name in your niche.

  Create videos without ever needing to step in front of the camera.

  Build a channel from the ground up, which will bring revenue from views and ads.

  Make your own affiliate business on YouTube.

  Startup personal YouTube consulting business.

  Rank videos and promote CPA and/or CPI offers.

  Save up the money which you’ve planned to spend on YouTube ads thanks to this ranking method.


Here’s What’s Revealed Inside:

Basic Course: 15+ Lessons

Value $897

Lesson 1: Creating a New Channel

A self-explanatory lesson where I will cover everything about there is regarding proper YouTube account creation, starting from square one and assuming that you’ve never done this before.

Even among experienced YouTubers there are many who don’t know about some of these settings so don’t skip this seemingly trivial lesson!

youtube video optimization service

Lesson 2: Channel Customization

Once your account is created, it’s time to make it personal. This includes channel art, profile picture, thumbnails, “About” page…

All of these will play a role in how successful your channel will be and, I will show you how to make them unique, optimized and stick out from the crowd as well as introduce some of the best tools for the job.

youtube video editing services

Lesson 3: Video

How and what to record? Which equipment to use? What content should you focus or pick in the first place?

Your videos are the backbone of your channel and this lesson will tell you everything that you need to know about them!

complete youtube channel setup service

Lesson 4: Ranking Factors

A quick introduction to what ranking factors are and a complete listing of them to help you better understand the following lessons.

youtube video editing services

Lesson 5: YouTube SEO

General overview of YouTube SEO and a listing of statistics that determine its final score.

complete youtube channel setup service

Lesson 6: Keyword Research

A comprehensive look into keyword research ranking factor. Here you will learn everything from why this factor is as important, which keywords to target and how to properly choose them.

We will also take a look at some of the tools which are best suited for the job.

youtube video editing services

Lesson 7: Title

Title is one of the most important things which can bring you generic engagement more than any other ranking factor so it’s extremely important to know and master everything about it.

This lesson will take you through all of the key points of writing a good one for you video.

youtube video editing services

Lesson 8: Description

Yes, description is indeed a part of your video optimization, not just a quick reference for the users. I’ll show you how to bring the best of the two together and write informative descriptions while also boosting your videos SEO!

youtube video editing services

Lesson 9: Tags


Even though many will say that they’re not as important as they used to be in the past, my own experiments have shown me that they still play a role in SEO. So, what are they? When to use them and how to do it? Let’s find out!

earn more with your youtube channel

Lesson 10: Thumbnail


Thumbnails are more important than most people realize. There are a lot of things about them that are easy to miss or simply disregard as non-important.

I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned throughout the years and help you make and optimize the best thumbnail that you can – even if you’re not a graphic designer!

consulting services

Lesson 11: Video Length, Watch-time, Retention


This is the part where things can get a bit more mathematical. Fear not however, everything is under control and, once you’re done with the lesson, you will fully understand all of the YouTube’s video metrics.

earn more with your youtube channel

Lesson 12: Engagement


In this lesson I will be sharing everything I know about the “Engagement” – a vital part of YouTube’s ranking algorithm.

complete youtube channel setup service

Lesson 13: Channel Setup & Video Upload

We’ve learned how to customize the channel in lesson #2 but now it’s time to go a step further and actually setup the channel and prepare it as best as we can for the most beneficial video upload results.

earn more with your youtube channel

Lesson 14: Closed Caption (CC)


What are Closed Captions? What are they used for and how can they benefit your video? Here’s everything on CC, including how to generate, create, upload and enable them for your viewers.

youtube video editing services

Lesson 15: After Uploads


Here are things that you can do and keep track of after you’ve uploaded the video to further boost the ranking and future-proof it.

Advanced Course: 20+ Lessons

Value $1497

Advanced course comes with all of the Basic course content but adds an additional 5 lessons on top of that. These, as well as my personal method for quick ranking (included in the Advanced course) are the best option to start earning money on YouTube as fast as possible!

earn more with your youtube channel

Lesson 16: How did I Rank the Video for the YouTube SEO 2020 Course Keyword


A breakdown of my very own YouTube ranking strategy – no strings attached!

english voiceover and writing services

Lesson 17: How to Get Views Velocity, Retention and Watch Time


Detailed lesson of the advanced course that will show you a secret method which you can use to directly affect and manipulate your video statistics and therefore boost the results!

grow your youtube channel with our services

Lesson 18: How to Get Engagement at the Start


Lengthy, informative lesson on proven, safe and free method to kick-start your YouTube channel.

earn more with your youtube channel

Lesson 19: How to Make Money With CPA Offers + My Ranking Method


It took me a lot of time and work to get to where I am and in case you’re wondering how I made it here, this lesson will explain EVERYTHING.

earn more with your youtube channel

Lesson 20: How to Make Money With CashCow Method


It took me a lot of time and work to get to where I am and in case you’re wondering how I made it here, this lesson will explain EVERYTHING.

BONUS 1: Lifetime Updates

Value: 1997$

From 2013 to 2020, the YouTube algorithm has changed a lot and we have a lot of updates to consider.

There are more of them with every passing year and we can say that YouTube is evolving.

It keeps getting smarter and it keeps getting better.

With each new update, things can change drastically, to a point that the things which worked just fine in the last version are rendered completely obsolete.

To figure out what exactly has changed, we need to do some research around the web – digging through forum threads and social media group posts.

Even after pinpointing the change itself, testing is necessary to see how exactly the change in question has affected the whole process and what exactly does it mean for you specifically.

All of this can be rather pricey and time-consuming.

Because of all of this, the course will be updated indefinitely, keeping up with the YouTube algorithm and, providing you with lifetime updates!

This means that:


  1. You will always be informed about the current state of the algorithm.
  2. You will not need to waste any of your time to keep track of all of the updates for yourself.
  3. New methods will be published regularly as they become available, and much, much more…

Bonus 2: Private Facebook Group

Value: 997$

You’ll be invited to a Facebook group, exclusive to the members. I will personally administrate the group and answer all of your questions regarding the course.

Of course, the questions don’t need to be strictly about the course. Should you get an idea of your own after finishing the course (which is highly likely), I’ll do my best to help you realize it.

Or maybe you just need some motivation? I’ll be there for you!

Start ranking and earning today!

To start, it is necessary to choose a plan which suits you the best. Simply clicking on the desired plan will take you to a safe and encrypted checkout page where you may finalize your purchase.

Once purchased, the course will become immediately accessible to you and your YouYube mastering journey may begin!

⚠️ Attention ⚠️

As I keep adding more and more content to Tubesecrets course, the price point its offered at today just isn’t going to make sense anymore. So the price you see is the best you will ever get. Don’t delay, act now before the price increases.


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Questions About The TubeSecrets Course

What's the biggest difference between Basic and Advanced plan?

The biggest difference is that the Advanced course will cover more advanced aspects and go in-dept on topics which are the subject of the Basic course.

These will include (but won’t be limited to) me sharing my personal ranking methods, providing info about numerous alternative ways to quickly rank up, etc…

Is there an affiliate program available for Tubesecrets?

Yes there is!

If you want to make money promoting our course please send us an email at info@tubesecrets.org

What if I’m a total beginner without any knowledge?

No problem at all. The course is designed so that there are no unanswered questions.

Even though the course teaches advanced YouTube methods, I do not assume that you know anything and therefore, I explain everything, from square one, like I was talking to an absolute beginner.

Will this require a lot of expensive software?


You will have the option to use whatever software you want for the specific task and, everything can be done using free software. However, some of the paid software that I’ve mentioned will make your job faster and easier as well as provide you with additional options.

What if I don’t want to do affiliate marketing?

Tubesecrets is primarily aimed towards affiliate marketeers, however…
With the knowledge from my course, you can choose to pursue any form of self-employment like starting your own YouTube agency, being a career YouTuber or doing anything in between that involves YouTube content creation, optimization and ranking.

Can I refund?

We offer no refunds.

Instead, me and my team will provide full support for everyone who is having problems with the course or needs further clarification on one or more of its lessons.


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